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I built an Arcade DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino Pro Micro: The Fliper

➡️ Download the files: ➡️ Making Music with Arduino:… ➡️ Curso Fazendo Música com Arduino em Português:… In this video, I’ll show you the process of building this arcade DIY MIDI controller, which I did using an Arduino Pro Micro. I built this controller so I could have a launchpad, but also

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I built a MiniMOOG based Arduino DIY MIDI controller!

The MidiMood In this video, I’ll show you the building process of the MidiMood, a Minimoog based DIY MIDI Controller, made with an Arduino! The Minimoog is the most iconic analogue synthesizer of all times, with great plugin versions like the Arturia Mini V and the Moog’s Minimoog iPad app. I always wanted to have

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The Pendulum Sequencer

Download: The Pendulum Sequencer is an interactive audiovisual application where the physics of pendulums are used to create a MIDI sequencer. It consists of a series of pendulums initially arranged to produce a pendulum wave effect. Each pendulum swings back and forth accordingly to the amount of gravity and resistance chosen by the participant.

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How to build your Traktorino: The Arduino MIDI controller for DJs!

The Traktorino is a low-cost DIY MIDI controller for DJs! It’s totally open-source, based in the Arduino platform. In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can build your Traktorino! For much more about the Traktorino, visit: can buy everything you need for the Traktorino at: How to Assemble the PCB In this video

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Make a parametric enclosure on Fusion 360

In this series of videos all be showing you how you can make your own enclosures for laser cutting in the cad Software Fusion 360. #1 Download the file. #2 In the second video I’ll show you how you can make your own sketches for your components. #3 In this third video I’ll show you

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