I built a MiniMOOG based Arduino DIY MIDI controller!

The MidiMood

In this video, I’ll show you the building process of the MidiMood, a Minimoog based DIY MIDI Controller, made with an Arduino!

The Minimoog is the most iconic analogue synthesizer of all times, with great plugin versions like the Arturia Mini V and the Moog’s Minimoog iPad app.

I always wanted to have better control over my synths and I thought that building a MIDI controller with the layout of the Minimoog was the best way to go. Although it is based on the Minimoog, it can be used with any virtual synth, like Massive, Omnisphere, Sylenth, etc.

This MIDI controller was made using an Arduino Pro Micro, and two multiplexers, besides the potentiometers and toggle switches. The multiplexers allow me to increase the number of inputs of the Arduino, and the Pro Micro allows me to create a MIDI controller plug and play – MIDI class-compliant. All things that I teach how to do in the Making Music with Arduino course.

The  Minimoog, as you might know, is the most iconic analog  synthesizer of all times and there are versions of the synth virtually, like the Arturia Minimoog, as I  showed you in the introduction of the video.

So, in this video  i’m gonna show you the building process and at  the end i’m going to show you how you can build one  yourself, and you’ll see a small performance using  this beast right here. So, I hope you enjoy it.  

How to build it?

If you want to build the MidiMood, I’ll leave the schematics and the code bellow so you can download it. But if you want a  step-by-step tutorial on how to build  this one and many other midi controller projects, I have the Making Music with Arduino course.

➡️ Download the Files: https://bit.ly/projects-musiconerd

In the Making Music with Arduino I teach you not only how to build this controller, but also how to program and about electronics, and many other things, like how to design and manufacture enclosures like that. You can also subscribe for the first module of the course for FREE, where I’ll teach you how to build your first MIDI controller for under US$30!

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