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I built an Arcade DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino Pro Micro: The Fliper

➡️ Download the files: ➡️ Making Music with Arduino:… ➡️ Curso Fazendo Música com Arduino em Português:… In this video, I’ll show you the process of building this arcade DIY MIDI controller, which I did using an Arduino Pro Micro. I built this controller so I could have a launchpad, but also

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I built a MiniMOOG based Arduino DIY MIDI controller!

The MidiMood In this video, I’ll show you the building process of the MidiMood, a Minimoog based DIY MIDI Controller, made with an Arduino! The Minimoog is the most iconic analogue synthesizer of all times, with great plugin versions like the Arturia Mini V and the Moog’s Minimoog iPad app. I always wanted to have

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How to connect an EXTERNAL MIC to an iPHONE

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can connect an externa mic to an iPhone. Using and external microphone should be straight forward, but guess what, it’s Apple, it’s not! So if you want to connect a lavalier mic, or even a mic like the Rode VideoMicro, you’ll need at least on

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How to Hang an ACOUSTIC FOAM panel Without Damaging the Wall

In this video I’ll show you how you can hang an acoustic foam panel without damaging your wall! ➡️ Acoustic Foam 12 pack: ➡️ Acoustic Foam Glue: ➡️ How to use an external mic on a Macbook Pro: I bought these acoustic foam panels to help me with the sound of my

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Imagine your plane crashed on a remote place in Alaska. You have an Arduino and a drill, what would you do? An ICE MIDI controller, of course!In this video, you’ll see me trying to build a MIDI controller out of a frozen pond. Of course, it also comes with an explanation on how you can

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The Pendulum Sequencer

Download: The Pendulum Sequencer is an interactive audiovisual application where the physics of pendulums are used to create a MIDI sequencer. It consists of a series of pendulums initially arranged to produce a pendulum wave effect. Each pendulum swings back and forth accordingly to the amount of gravity and resistance chosen by the participant.

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