How to NOT make a DIY MIDI CONTROLLER (with an Arduino)

Since I started making MIDI controllers, for me and for other people I learned a lot, And I learned making way more mistakes than would like to have.

This video is for you to avoid doing some of the same mistakes I made, showing you how to NOT make a MIDI controller (with an Arduino).

Arduinos a great, you might not know which one to use, you might not know how to make an enclosure, or what type of components to use. I had the same doubts and tried a bunch of things.

Although this video will not show exactly how to make an Arduino DIY MIDI controller (please see the Making Music with Arduino), it will help you to avoid some mistakes and same some precious time and money!

➡️ Making Music with Arduino
➡️ Curso Fazendo Música com Arduino em Português

Arduinos and components I recommend:

➡️ Arduino Uno
➡️ Arduino Leonardo
➡️ Arduino Micro
➡️ Arduino Pro Micro
➡️ Arcade Buttons
➡️ Wires
➡️ Gikfun Solder-able Breadboard
➡️ Rotary potentiometer b10k
➡️ Slide potentiometer
➡️ Spacers M3 35mm
➡️ M3 screws
➡️ Multiplexer CD4067

MIDI controllers in this video:
➡️ Arcade controller
➡️ Arcade controller 2
➡️ XT Synth

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