I built an arcade RGB DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino!


In this video, I’ll talk about and show you the building process of the Fliper RGB. The Fliper RGB is a DIY MIDI controller, made with an Arduino Pro Micro, that uses translucent 24mm arcade buttons that lit up when you play it!

This controller was inspired by the MIDI fighter, from DJ Tech Tools, but with my own addons! For building an arcade RGB MIDI controller I had to find some creative ways of building it. I used led strips for the lights; had to design a custom frame so the light of one arcade button doesn’t spill to the other; and came up with my own banks system solution! Also, I used a multiplexer to connect the 16 buttons!

If you feel this project is a little too much for you, check my other arcade launchpad projects, like the Fliper and the Fliper Dj!

How to build it

For this project you’ll need some experience with an Arduino and electronics. I highly advise you to check out my free course the DIY MIDI controller workshop, where I’ll teach you all you need to know about Arduinos and how to build your first MIDI controller step-by-step for less than US$30! A great way to start!

Or if you feel you want to dive in you can check my full course the Making Music with Arduino, where I teach you how to build virtually any type of MIDI controller!

But you can download all the files you need to build it in the link below!

>> Download the files: https://bit.ly/projects-musiconerd



The Fliper RGB is a great cheap DIY solution if you want to trigger samples, finger drum, and want a super cool looking neat MIDI controller!

I’d love to see you building one, so don’t forget to tag @musiconerd if you do it. And, please, share this project with your friends and follow us on our social media! And lemme know in the comments which project you’d like me to build next!


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