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In this free course, you’ll have access to my DIY MIDI Controller Workshop, where you will learn the first steps on how you can build your own MIDI controllers using the Arduino platform!

The Arduino is a super low-cost, super-powerful board, made for people, like you and me, without an engineering background. With an Arduino, we can build an infinity of things, from robots to MIDI controllers! And… spending a fraction of the money you would spend in a factory MIDI controller.

I promise it will be a game-changer for you once you learn how to build your own equipment! So, if you are a DJ, VJ, music producer, audio engineer, multimedia artist, or any type of professional that works with music/visuals and a computer, you’ll love this free course!

Class 1

  • Why you should be making your own MIDI controllers
  • ​What is MIDI
  •  What is an Arduino and what it can do for you

Class 2

  • How to use a breadboard
  • ​How to use buttons and potentiometers
  •  How to assemble the circuit in the breadboard

Class 3

  • ​How to upload the code in the Arduino
  • ​How to adapt the code to your needs
  •  How to map your MIDI controller in any DAW

What the students are saying and building!