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In this free workshop, you’ll learn how to build your first MIDI controller! You’ll have access to four classes where you’ll learn how to build your first MIDI controller with buttons and potentiometers (knobs)!

Why should you build your own MIDI controllers?

Express yourself: Since you are here, I’m sure you love making music, or any type of art expression, right? So, have you ever wondered that you could make not only your music, but, also, the tools you use to make your music? And making them, the way you want it, would allow you to express yourself even more? And isn’t it music, art, all about expression? So, do it yourself, express yourself.

Boost you workflow: If you use your computer to make music I’m sure you have your favorite DAWs, plugins, synths, etc. So, what if you had at the tip of your fingers dedicated controllers to each of your favorite plugins, in their same configuration, same layout? Stop wasting your time having to decide how to map your generic controller, stop wasting your time looking where that filter knob is: make your own controllers that look exactly like your favorite plugins. It will make your workflow a thousand times better!

Save money: Building a MIDI controller is extremely cheap! Just to illustrate: for under US$40.00 you can build a complete launchpad with 16 arcade buttons. This controller in the market would cost you around US$200.00! Instead of buying one, make five! And the way you want it.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg: Learning a programming language and electronics is just the tip of the iceberg. With this knowledge you can do so much more than MIDI controllers! You can easily learn other languages, like C++, Java, Python, etc, and you can start adventuring in an infinity of other projects. Go from MIDI controllers to robotics, from art installations to web applications. For sure, this is one of the most valuables skills you can have in the market today!

Now that you know why you should build your own MIDI controllers, let me take you through our course, the Making Music with Arduino, the course that will teach you how you can make your own MIDI controllers and much more! So, let me tell you everything you should know about it: Watch the video bellow!

And here you can see why

About the course

The “Making Music with Arduino” is a 100% online course where you will learn how to build your own MIDI controllers, easily and inexpensively, using the Arduino platform. You will learn, from scratch, how to use a variety of electronic components and how to make your own codes, in order to make your own MIDI controllers the way you want it and much more!

For whom this course is:

Artists/musicians who want take a step further in their career, building their own controllers, putting their identity not only in their music (or other art), but also in their musical instruments.

Artists, studio professionals, etc., who want to save money by building controllers very cheaply.

Hobbysts in general who want to learn about programming/Arduino in a fun way, while building music related tools.

What's included?

The course is separated in two: “Making Music with Arduino” & “MMwA: The Arduino Programming“, which can be purchased as an add-on in the checkout.

making music with arduino

In the Making Music with Arduino you will learn how to build MIDI controllers without having to learn how to code! You’ll learn how to build a variety of MIDI controllers without having to learn the Arduino programming language, only adapting some numbers to what you need.

It covers:

  • Buttons
  • Potentiometers (high resolution or not)
  • How to increase the number of inputs using multiplexers (up to 100+ ins)
  • Rotary Encoders
  • Displays
  • Banks
  • Addressable LEDs (note feedback)
  • Normal LEDs (note feedback and VU)
  • Motorized Faders
  • How to make MIDI class-compliant devices
  • How to design and fabricate enclosures
  • Materials and where to buy them
  • How to troubleshoot
  • Access to my codes, templates, and designs
  • Access to our closed Facebook group. There we will help you with your doubts and you can meet Nerd Musicians like you!
  • My personal contact if you need my help

mmwa: the arduino programming

The “MMwA: The Arduino Programming” is where I teach everything about the Arduino programming! I’ll teach how to write your own code, how I have written my codes, and how you can understand other people’s codes.

This will take your maker skills to the next level. It will allow you to create anything that comes to your mind. I’ll teach you the Arduino programming language while I focus everything on making music!

>> See the full curriculum here! <<

things you can build

The limit is your imagination…

Do It Yourself!

Here you can check a couple of the many MIDI controllers I have made throughout the years, all based in the knowledge you’ll find inside the course!

What the students are
saying and building

"The course was very important so that I could have the first impressions about programming and electronics. In fact, I bought the course in order to develop my thesis project in the area of MIDI controllers production for DJing, and it was what gave me a solid basis for the development of this project. In it, I was able to understand how the Arduino works, its components and the basis of programming for MIDI. Also, with the technical knowledge I learned in the course, I was able to find elements that were not present in the course for the development of my controllers, the way I wanted it."
Cainã Guari
"The MMwA course, for me, was one of the best I found on the internet until today. I started to look for this alternative because of the need for a MIDI controller, but with the budget I had I could not buy a controller that would fulfill all my needs. So, I went after the DIY community and enrolled in the Making Music with Arduino course (...) in one weekend I literally devoured the course, and in a week I already had my first MIDI controller. (...) In the course you not only learn how to make a controller, it's not a step-by-step like a cake recipe that if something goes wrong you do not know what to do, you get to understand how a MIDI controller really works, the MIDI protocol, and how the Arduino can be used not only as a study platform but for building quality equipment. All of that with a "simple" language (meaning that anyone can understand, not having to be an engineer). This opens the door to endless possibilities.
Lucas Bressanin
Electronic Musician

And some of their controllers in action!

by gustavo silveira

Gustavo Silveira is a Brazilian multimedia artist, music technologist, and maker. A DIY freak. Gustavo holds a masters in Music Technology and his work has been featured in many specialized websites, Maker Faires, competitions, etc. In 2018 Gustavo won the Averitt Award in excellence in instruction by the Georgia Southern University and was a finalist at the Guthman New Musical Instrument competition, the biggest competition for new musical instruments in the world!


The course starts now and it ends when you want! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

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Absolutely! Once you finish the course you’ll be automatically issued a certificate.

Not at all! The course is designed to go from the absolute basics to advanced. Classes are short and easy to understand throughout all the course.

The Making Music with Arduino is THE ONLY course that focuses on teaching electronics and how to code, so you can have total independence in your musical projects. This course will make you a PRO MAKER, teaching you how you can write your own codes, understand other people’s codes and, also, will serve as the foundation for you to learn any other programming languages like C++, Processing (Java), Python, etc, and to get started with other electronic projects, like robotics, home automation, web applications, etc.

Yes, the course is available to international users!

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