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What is the Making Music with Arduino?

The complete course "Making Music with Arduino" is a 100% online course dedicated to the DIY culture lovers. In this course you will learn how to build your own MIDI controllers, easily and inexpensively, using the Arduino platform. You will learn, from scratch, programming and electronics, until you are able to build complete MIDI controllers!


For whom is this course:


- Artists/musicians who want take a step further in their career, building their own controllers, putting their identity not only in their music (or other art), but also in their musical instruments.

- Artists, studio professionals, etc., who want to save money by building controllers very cheaply.

- Hobbysts in general who want to learn about programming/Arduino in a fun way, while building music related tools.



- What knowledge you will acquire and what you will build during the course.

- What materials you will need.

- What is an Arduino and what it can do for you.


Assembling a more complex controller


- Using multiple components.

- Loops.

- Arrays.

- Pull Up resistor.


Assembling your controller


- Connecting arcade buttons on the Arduino: Soldering X terminals.

- Connecting potentiometers in the Arduino.

- Assembling the controller in the case.

- Creating the final code.

- Be happy!


USB-Midi class compliant drivers


- How to Turn Your Arduino into a True Midi-USB Device.

Increasing the possibilities


- How to use rotary encoders (infinite rotary pots).

- Increasing the number of inputs using multiplexers.

- Using MIDI to control LEDs (led feedback).

Mounting a MIDI Controller on the Protoboard


- MIDI protocol.

- Digital Read: How to read a button.

- If Statements.

- Using the Midi library.

- Communication: Controller -> DAW.

- Analog Read: How to read a potentiometer.

- Stabilizing the potentiometer signal.

- Pot with MIDI CC.

How to make an enclosure for your controller


- Learning how to use Inkscape.

- Doing the layout.

- Laser cutting.


What are you going to learn?

The course has approximately 40 classes and continues to be updated periodically. By acquiring the course you have access to all classes instantly.

Arduino Uno



- How to do a MIDI mapping in Ableton Live.

- How to do a MIDI mapping on Traktor.




- How to do a MIDI mapping in Ableton Live.

- How to do a MIDI mapping on Traktor.


Inside the Making Music with Arduino


Take a look in this video and see inside our course, how it is organized  and how our classes lookalike!




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by Gustavo Silveira: a Brazilian multimedia artist, maker, music technologist, creator of the blog Nerd Musician and a DIY freak. Gustavo holds a masters in Music Technology and his work has been featured in may specialized websites, Maker Faires, competitions, etc. In 2018 Gustavo won the Averitt Award in excellence in instruction by the Georgia Southern University. So, what are you waiting to start the course?

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