Making Music with Arduino – Affiliate Guide

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About the Making Music with Arduino     

“The complete course "Making Music with Arduino" is a 100% online course dedicated to the DIY culture lovers. In this course you will learn how to build your own MIDI controllers, easily and inexpensively, using the Arduino platform. You will learn, from scratch, programming and electronics, until you will be able to build a complete MIDI controller.”


What an affiliate is

An affiliate partner earns 40% commissions on every sale that is made through his/her affiliate links. The affiliate will be given a series of links to be advertised on his/her Blog, Facebook, or on whatever means the affiliate wish to use. Once a person clicks the link, it will be installed a cookie on the person’s computer, which will last for 60 days. If the person buys the product within 60 days, the affiliate gets the commission.  

The base price of the MMwA is US$122.00, so, you can make up to US$48.80 per sale. This is a great opportunity for easy passive income. Advertise the links to your audience and make money while you are sleeping, eating, or making some music with Arduino.


How to become an affiliate

The Making Music with Arduino is hosted by the Hotmart platform. There, you can promote your on products, or promote other producers’ products. To become an affiliate you need to:

  1. Go to this website and create an account:

  2. Go to “market”, in the menu in the left.

  3. Find the course “Making Music with Arduino” and click on “request affiliation”

Advertising your links

  • Hotlinks: In this page you can find the link for the sales page. In this link one can find all the information about the course and proceed to checkout. In the checkout it can be used the coupon “helloworld”, which is, in general, advertised to the people that watch my free course “The DIY MIDI Controller Workshop”.

  • Alternative pages: Those are the links that point to specific posts, or landing pages, which lead the viewer to really good free content. Those are used to “warm up” the leads, so they can be more likely to buy when they get to the sales page.  

  • Dynamic alternative pages: This section allows the affiliate to transform any link in the www.musiconerd.comdomain into an affiliate link. In “New Hotlink” paste the link you want to use, give a description, click save, and an affiliate link will be generated to you.


Marketing strategies

Here, I will point some strategies that you can use using our hotlinks, from the easier ones, which leaves all the marketing to me, to the ones that give you more freedom and will take a little bit more of work. 


First, I hardly point someone to my sales page if the person doesn’t know my free content yet, but if I think this person is likely to buy my course, I point this person straight to my sales page.


Alternative pages

  • This is How I Build my own MIDI Controllers (…): This is a blog post that introduces any person that is interested in MIDI controllers into the DIY world. There, I tell how I started making my own Midi controllers and how they can start building theirs. I think that this post is really good to start with your followers.


  • DIY MIDI Controller Workshop – Landing Page 1 and 2: These two pages are meant to capture the lead and send them to an email automation that will send them to my free course The DIY MIDI Controller Workshop. At the end of the free course, the student will be presented with a video of the complete course and a 20% discount coupon that will last for a week. The coupon is called “helloworld”.


  • DIY MIDI Controller Workshop – Videos on YouTube: Using this link the viewer doesn’t need to opt in into any email list to watch the videos, but needs to opt in to download an important file in the end of the free course, in the last class. This way you can miss the lead in the beginning, but can gain a more “warmed up” lead in the end of the videos. Once the viewer subscribes to download the code (the “important file”), he/she will enter into an email automation where he/she will be offered the complete course.


  • DIY MIDI Controller Workshop – Classes 1-All the classes: Similar to the previous one, but each class needs to be sent separately, and the viewer doesn’t need to opt in. This is good in case you want to create your own funnel and send them to each student when you want. Or you can just send the “All the classes” link.



Give bonuses and increase your sales

You can give away your own bonuses if they buy the course through your Hot links. Just follow these steps:

Earn prizes as an affiliate

Every sale that you make counts as 1 point and those points can be used to “buy” products in our store, like kits, midi controllers, etc. You can use those products for yourself, or to giveaway to your followers to encourage them to share a post, or something like it. If you have an idea to give away a product in another manner, let me know.

Here is a list of things you can buy with your points.



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