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J.4. Complete Controller: Full code with updates

​I made a new version of the full code. The idea is making this code more complete and flexible as possible. This code will be only available for you guys, so don't share outside the course, please!

Some things in this code you didn't see yet, but you'll see in a next module. So, go back and forth and use it as you feel comfortable with it!


>> Download the Code <<


- Update 1 (03/12/19): You can add multiple multiplexers for potentiometers.
- Update 2: Threads added. it makes your MIDI controller faster.
- Update 3: Encoder functionality added, using a super handy library.
- Update 4 (03/18/19): Multiple encoders tested and working.
- Update 5 (03.19.19): Multiple encoders (with banks) tested and working.