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A.3. Materials

There are two stages in building something, prototyping and building the final product. For prototyping, testing (and having some extra fun) you'll need a "starter kit". I have a starter kit include the following components. You can buy them in your favorite electronics store, or you can buy the kit in our shop here.

Starter kit:

  • 1 Arduino Uno ATmega16U2

  • 1 400 holes Breadboard

  • 15 LED lights in three different colors (random) 

  • 10 Resistor 220ohm

  • 10 Resistors 1K

  • 10 Resistors 10K

  • 10 Resistors 100K

  • 2 Photoresistor 5516

  • 6 Buttons (with the mixed color caps)

  • 4 Trim Pots (with caps)

  • 20 Jumpers (male male)

  • 1 9V Battery Connector

For building your final controller it will really depend on what you want to build, but you can start by having the material that I use to build the Fliper DJcontroller. You can find the kit here.

Fliper DJ Kit:

  • 1 Arduino Pro Micro (with headers)

  • 1 Solderable breadboard (sparkfun, gikfun...)

  • 1 Multiplexer cd4067 (through hole, not smd)

  • 1 Enclosure

  • 7 Rotary potentiometers b10k

  • 3 slide potentiometers b10k

  • 16 Arcade buttons (preferably the sanwa style)

  • Knobs for the potentiometers

  • 5 Spacers (35mm) and M3 screws and nuts

  • Wires 

Feel free to buy our kits, and support even more our blog, or use the kits as a reference for buying in your preferred electronics store.