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A.0 - Read me before anything!

First of all, be very welcome! Before starting the course I want to give you some tips to get the most out of it.

Join our closed Facebook group. For me to know who you are, send me a message on my profile so I can accept you in the group. Post your doubts there, because your doubt may be the doubt of another student! But, feel free to ask me directly on my profile too.

Ps: Post your doubts in the Facebook group, not here! I don't receive any alerts when I get questions here, so I might take a long time to see it, while on Facebook I tend to answer in a few minutes!

Post your progress in the group! It's an incentive for you, your colleagues and me!

Do your best to watch the classes in order. Many students end up skipping steps and are left with unnecessary questions.

Do not forget to look at the "additional content" tab from time to time. There I put some things that do not necessarily fit within any module.

If any class has any problems with visualization, or material missing, let me know immediately! (Preferably directly on my Facebook)


>> Here you have access to all the files used in the course. << Downloand them now!


Um Abraço,

Gustavo Silveira.